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Base Sports Ministry is a sports ministry of Youth Missions International, whose goal is to equip the local church with sports ministry tools that enact life change and develop fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.

Camp Summary

Camp Summary

Coach *
Camp Numbers
Camp Evaluation *
Camp Evaluation
Was the church/camp director well prepared?
Was the training meeting well attended?
Were the volunteers helpful?
Did the camp facilities allow us to have a successful sports camp?
Were the host homes accommodating?
Were the meals outstanding?
Please list any additional comments about the camp. They can be positive and/or negative.
Team Evaluation *
Team Evaluation
As a team, did we serve the church to the best of our ability?
Was the church satisfied with our ability to serve them and their mission?
Please explain your reasoning (e.g., they are capable of running camp on their own).
Please give a highlight for the week.
Add any other thoughts/comments as desired.